Friend/Non Friend...

Last week we got a special treat to get all of these kiddos together... 

Radley, Landry, Emmy, Alexandra, and Jillian (we missed little Savannah girl) were finally all in one place together. Jillian belongs to Amber and Alex belongs to Susan... two women that mean the world to me. It warmed my heart so much to hear the squeals, laughter and mass chaos of having them all in the same place at once. 

Susan, Amber and I all worked together in the MSC. Amber began her tenure with us as a graduate student and was supervised by Susan. The day I met her I ran into "Sooze's" office and told her that I found the perfect GA. (Don't let that go to your head, Amber...Ha!) And, it was basically a match made in heaven. 

We have done so much more than work together. We have laughed, cried, cursed, loved, complained, celebrated, mourned, and prayed together. Susan moved back to Arizona and met her prince charming and is now raising her beautiful family in Phoenix and we miss her dearly. 

I now supervise Amber and we have coined our relationship as "FNF" or friend/nonfriend...meaning sometimes I have to put on my "supervisor" hat... but let's be honest. We are always friend and have way beyond the normal supervisory relationship - I mean I was there when Jillian was born. 

I am so thankful for your ladies. I have and continue to share my heart with you. Many times you are the one that I run into during one of "those" moments - you may hear more about my life than just about anyone simply because you are across the hall from me for a majority of my waking hours. 

I am so thankful that I get to share my passion with you. You have taught me to be better at my job. To encourage my husband. To offer forgiveness. To love deeply. To scream when I need to. And above all else supported me in this crazy working mom world. 

So glad that it is you that I share that time with! 
(Sooze - you ready to come back yet?)

Love you both!

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