Crafty conclusion...

You were dying to know how the craft project ended, right? Well, due to Mr./Mrs. Bomb threat - my whole Friday got thrown off and I didn't get to buy the remaining supplies until yesterday. 

Sorry.  (Ha!)

So while the kids were napping, I took a small gauge screwdriver and poked holes in all the necessary places. If you decide to do this, make sure that you support the egg crate with your other hand so it doesn't collapse while you are trying to make a hole. 

Speaking of napping ... this one refused to use the potty before naptime so she got banished to the floor.

Once everyone was awake they got to pick their color of pipe cleaners and finish off their pumpkins, monsters and spiders. 

Emmy wanted "pulple" for all of hers. 

They really had a lot of fun and got to be creative with hair/leg length as well as the eyes on each. 
I bought three sizes of googlie eyes - the kids only got to pick out the number of eyes they wanted and which sizes since we had to attach them with hot glue.

Radley was clearly busy concentrating on hair placement.

The whole family got into it! 
(Ryan was the only one that could do the spider legs. Me and patience aren't so much friends and he had the idea to make the spider legs really long and creepy looking. They turned out great!)

Landry contributed by being super cute in her bouncer!

I think they all turned out FANTASTIC!

Then Ryan and I hung them above our kitchen counter where the kids eat most meals. While we were doing that they played with the pipe cleaners and a giant colander.
(Thanks Pinterest/everyone I know for this idea)


It was a very fun, super cheap, extremely easy project. And we can keep this and hang it up again next year. It got to showcase everyone's personality and we all got to contribute. 

(The camera died before I could take a pic of the whole thing).

Happy Halloween Crafting!!

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