Estelle Emersyn King

So I realized I never posted Emersyn's two year pics.
(mom of the year, right?)

We took these in May so she's half a year older now and lots of those baby cheeks have disappeared. I could cry to think how much she has changed in that flash of time. 

We headed to this semi-random spot in College Station on a semi-stormy day with a semi-moody two year old. 

Great combination for great pics, huh? 

But she did great! 

I mean, really.

This girl.Cracks.Me.UP!

At two, Emersyn is the perfect combination of sweet and sassy.

She is particular about her hair, clothes and shoes but she doesn't mind getting dirty and being messy.

She knows exactly how to use her cuteness to get what she wants.

Doesn't surprise you a bit, does it?

She has extremely tender moments. She loves to be cuddled. Every night I put her to bed she stands up and says "hold you, hold you!" So I pick her up and gently sway for 2 minutes while she plays with my hair. 

If I never cut my hair you'll know why.

Did I mention that she is good at throwing fits?
Well she is.

This was over some smarties - also known as Miss Sarah's Stash. She wanted them. We told her she needed to wait and then put her in a box in a field that had stickers because she was barefoot. 

This girl climbed out and walked through the stickers.

I think Sarah gave her a smartie. 


Then it was time to move to our house for the last few shots. I had decided that a balloon wall would be so fun with this chevron dress I found. 

And then it decided to DOWNPOUR. I rushed to pick up the balloons (40 of them) because we didn't want them to go to waste. Sarah being the super genius she is set this shot up in our garage away from the wind and rain. But well, it didn't stop the thunder and some one did not like that one bit. 

So we gave her a lollipop.

But it was getting all over her dress so we took it away.

And then Sarah and Mommy acted super crazy goofy and she smiled.

And this one shot was worth the entire day!

Her sweet tiny feet...

And that perfect smile. 

And a pout that only Emmy can give.

Then it was time for her "I'm two and into shoes" shots. 

Every morning she plays in my closet while I get ready.

This is her shout out to Madonna circa 1987. 
Judge if you must.

But the girl can rock some heels.

What a great reminder that my steps are the ones that she will follow. 

Day by day she will fill these shoes. She will become a big kid, preteen, teenager and woman... and watch my steps the whole way. May I choose a path she can be proud of!

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