Santa's Wonderland...

Saturday was spent doing not much of anything - you know the perfect day. We enjoyed a delicious breakfast, cooked the best Thanksgiving left-over meal ever for lunch, the men went to see Skyfall, the kids napped, and then GiGi, Pops and MaMaw headed back to Waco.

But not before taking the cutest picture ever... 

And the second cutest picture ever. 

(Mom, the above is what people "tag" things on Twitter. It's called a hash tag and followed by a funny/sarcastic comment.)

We walked them to their cars and then the gang headed to.... 


Now, you may recall our experience last year. 

Well, we had the exact opposite experience and our spirits were definitely lifted as we walked through and entered the magical place known as "Santa's Town!"

The key was timing. And lessons learned versus lessons applied. 

I knew that park opened at 6pm. I also knew that the Aggies were playing at 6pm, which meant that roughly 50,000 people from the area were all in one location. But, we showed up at the parking lot at 5:30pm just in case. 

We were not disappointed - and this guy thanked me lots for thinking ahead. 

I do what I can, babe. 
(excuse the overexposed selfie)

We walked in and did the following (in under 2 hours)...

Santa pics (couldn't take my camera in).

Live music/dancing

Outdoor movie and smores...

Train ride to see the lights (kind of)...

Emmy was beyond excited about riding the purple train... 

And Radley was just excited to play with Owen!

Walked around "town" and then headed out but not before taking pics in front of an oversized Texas State Flag.

Even the Californians love Texas!

It started to get a little chilly and Landry was getting a little grumpy so we headed home.

Maybe one day we will get to spend our Christmas morning with them too!

Especially if this is what gets to be under my tree!

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