Tiny Tales Thursday...

College Station seems to always have a construction project going. A major construction project. I really don't remember a time since moving here as a little Aggie freshman in 1997 that something wasn't being built or expanded.

Fortunately, the King kiddos love it. They are always spotting new buildings, giant cranes, "twactos", dirt and "builder men". The newest project is a high rise down the block from their school. (And by high rise I think it's going to be a 18 story building - ha!). Every morning and afternoon we count how many stories have been completed...we are holding strong at 9 levels so far.

Yesterday as we were approaching the job site Radley offered this little bit of insight:

R: Mom - I don't think I want to be a builder man anymore.
Me: Really? Why not?
R: I think I just want to be an Aggie.
Me: Ok - that sounds good. Why?
R: Well, Aggies don't have to work as long.
Me: Ok....
R: Well, builder men are always there when you drop me off, so they work longer than you.
Me: (again) Ok...
R: So, I guess I'll be an Aggie then a builder man then a UPS. Because builder men are never there when we leave school. But Daddy is always at work and never home when we get there because he is leading the UPS men.
Me: So, Aggies don't work as much?
R: Yes.

I guess that's good logic - kind of.

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