Fall festival fun...

The kids' school had their annual Fall Festival on Tuesday night and we had a blast! They have a chili contest, book fair, silent auction, and games in each of the classrooms for the kids to play. 

This year Radley was selected to open the event with the prayer. This is his "shy" face...
(excuse the red eye - haven't had time to edit the pics).

Sometimes his "shy" can lead to "silly" but he did great!

They also had pizza since the kids' generally don't love the different chilis that the parents bring. This petite princess consumed two full slices of pizza and a helping of chili. Where in the world does it go?

Cindy and I laughed that we would have NEVER put Radley or Caroline on a table to eat dinner. They would have had pre-portioned sizes of food, trying to hit "five colors" throughout the day. Now it's a saltine cracker, puffs, some pureed veggie/fruit and whatever the bigs give her. 


The night got even more exciting when they announced the chili winners...

(Which is funny because last year he finished, well, last. Needless to say he changed up his recipe).

He won a "bread of the month" from Panera. Great job, babe!

And... we won a silent auction item! 3 nights at a condo in Corpus Christi!! Wahoo! We split this with the Munsons and are so excited to plan our beach get away with the kiddos!

(or maybe just the adults)

Happy Fall Y'all!

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