Having a ball...

Saturday night Ryan and I got to get all dressed up and go to the Junior League's annual Charity Ball. I've been in the League for nine years and have sadly never attended. I am on Board this year and felt that it was important to attend since it's our signature fundraiser. 

 Miss Shanon came over and helped get me all pretty-fied and then we were off. 

Of course Emmy wanted to put on her "pincess dwess, tew"...

And Radley wanted to be a pirate. Landry just wanted to eat but we had to snap a pic of the family before we headed out.

We had so much fun and now I wish we had gone every year before!

I love being a part of this organization of women. It's such a great way to give back to our community and help the children of our area...and we get to have fun while we do it!

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