Thanks Giving...

Like any good major holiday - ours started with putting the finishing touches on lunch  - namely desserts. And lucky for me, I had two tiny assistants to help me.

Their main job was to make sure everything tasted ok. 

We were filled with thanks giving this year because we also got to celebrate my oldest brother's 40th birthday! It was a huge surprise that we had been planning since July - he had NO idea that he was coming to Texas. 

Sonya and I emailed back and forth and came up with a sneaky little plan - she even created a new email account so Jody wouldn't catch us. She picked him up from work, bags packed, change of clothes and my nephew, Owen, read him a poem revealing the big surprise. 

It may have been the best surprise I've been a part of!

 We even had a home made birthday banner waiting for him. 

As the oven was working over time, we put the final touches on the table and the kids played outside. 
(I would like to note that Ryan had to go run to the store for the inevitable forgotten ingredient (think Bill Cosby) and came back with 5 bottles of wine. Has anyone ever heard of "Decoy"?)

Landry was getting some practice in on solid foods...

and these two were getting some practice in on those Jedi moves. 

It was just such a simple day - truly what Thanksgiving was meant for. It's always a great day when the "California Guercios" make it to Texas.

And it's an even greater day when we are cuddling with these cute turkeys!

I mean. I can't even deal.

It was finally time to eat and share what we were all thankful for. 

This year my list includes:
Friends that are like family
Hand me down China
Good food

Sharing desserts 

Cuddling on the couch

and of course Santa and his elves. 


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