Tiny Tales Thursday....

** Yes, I realize it's Monday... but I thought I had this scheduled to post and it was only in draft form**

We had a long weekend and had decided that Sunday morning we were going to take it slow and easy and skip church. (Yes, the guilt had set in, but we decided family time was important to Jesus, too).

We had the crew packed up and ready to hit the HEB while other people were actually in church.

Radley: Am I not going to Sunday school?
Me: Well, not today, buddy. Is that ok?
Radley: But I want to go.
Ryan and Katy give knowing glances and whisper a plan.

Ryan drops me and Emmy off at HEB so he can drop Radley off at Sunday school and then come pick us up.

Radley: Have fun at HEB, Mommy. It's ok - I'll learn about God for everyone.

How does he already know how to lay on the "Catholic" guilt...he's 5!

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