Happy Monthday...

Lillian Landry King

you are

EIGHT months old!!

What have you been up to lately!?!?

We've had some changes with your schedule lately! You went through a "I don't want to eat at school phase." Like you were only taking 2oz ALL day- which clearly worried me (and also meant that the liquid gold I was providing was being thrown out). So you now nurse/take bottles 4 times each day with breakfast, lunch and dinner +snacks. Something tells me you are doing just fine. ;)

You have about 10 size 2 diapers left and the size 3s are all lined up. This breaks my heart. Radley and Emmy both went from size 3 to potty training which means that you are growing way too fast. You weigh 16lbs (we had to take you in for a lingering cough a couple of weeks ago) and still the same on the clothes size. The onesie you have on in this picture is a 6month - so you aren't as big as it seems!

You are almost done with the swaddle. Another heart breaker for sure. We still try it sometimes but you get out of it pretty fast. The pro is that I can actually cuddle you instead of a blanket. 

You nap like a pro at home. Actually just one long nap at home with some cat naps here and there. You sleep pretty good at school some days and some days like the attention you are getting so you stay awake. 

It's clear that you are the favorite. 
(Especially since Millie moved up - y'all were sharing the title before!)

You are usually one of the first ones to class and love getting hugs and kisses from Miss Pam and Miss Mabel - even though you generally have a present waiting for them from your car ride in. They love you anyway and I love hearing how much they love you. Makes me happy to know that you have such awesome care away from me. Miss Miranda would take you home if I let her. 

As you can tell from the picture above - you are never far away from your sister's reach. Y'all will be besties for sure. I'm sure she will be mean to you (bc she's mean to Radley already) but lots of secret sharing will happen between the two of you.

And dear big brother still loves to make you laugh. 

Glad that "the new" hasn't worn off yet!

We've seen more tears from you this month - but generally still the world's easiest/happiest/most adorable baby.

You move all over the place. It's a backwards crawl to sitting position and then you kind of roll into the direction you want to move. Pretty amazing strategy if you ask me.

You are inquisitive and love exploring your surroundings. Everything ends up in your mouth (including gold fish and cereal from your sister - awesome.)

You love the following:
Chewing on anything
Sophie the giraffe
Your taggie from Aunt Jenni
PUFFS (like obsessed)
My necklace
Moving around

Big news this month:

After weeks of drooling and the whole non-eating episode that tiny little thing popped through on Veteran's Day!

(Fun fact: all 3 King Kiddies popped their first tooth on a special event; Rad - Memorial Day; Emmy - Palm Sunday; Landry - Veternan's Day).

I feel like you will get a ton all at once!

And that is supported by the fact that you ALWAYS have something in your mouth.

We love you Lovely Landry!
These past 8 months have flown by - but I wonder how we ever lived without you!

(The above is a behind-the-scenes peek of what happens when Emmy helps with the "month day photoshoot"


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