Tired turkeys....

We stuck with our usual "day after Thanksgiving" tradition and started pulling out all the Christmas decorations and this year we had an extra special elf to help with the festivities. 

I seriously can not contain myself....

If there is not one package under that tree with my name on it - I would be content. I think Aunt Sonya feels the same way! She definitely gets her baby girl fix around us. 

While we were inside all holiday spiriting, the boys were putting some final touches on the tree house. Owen was very excited about this new addition since his last visit and let Jody and Sonya know that he needed one too. They asked him where he thought a tree house would belong inside a horse stall which then made him think he maybe didn't need one after all. 

The rest of the day the women folk went shopping while the boys stayed at home and did whatever boys do on Black Friday. :) That night we were treated to spaghetti and meatballs thanks to Gigi and MaMaw and stuffed our tummies once again.

Then things got interesting. 

I had noticed that our sink was kind of leaking lately but as I was doing dishes for the 1000th time in two days the water was really noticeable. I thought it may have just been from the faucet but when I opened the cabinet I saw that it was leaking underneath. I made a reference about this to Ryan that we should probably get that checked but didn't really want to worry about right then because, well I wanted to do dishes and hang out with my family. But. He decided at that exact moment that it needed fixing. 

(He may have indulged himself a little while the women were shopping which made this even more interesting).  

So while I was then cleaning up the mess HE made (love you) this was going on outside... 

Tree houses and pjs... a perfect night for little boys! 

They also got the fire pit going and I think Emmy was having a hard time deciding if she liked it or not. 

Landry quickly got bored of the whole thing which was just fine with Pops. 

Eventually the fire ran out and Landry woke up so we moved the fun inside and enjoyed watching these cute cousins play. It makes my heart so happy to see them together To hear them laugh and to watch them become friends. Owen may be the sweetest 7 year old boy in the world. He LOVES his "baby cousins" so much!

And what family fun night is complete without a game of cards? We used to play Phase 10 but Jeremy and I may or may not have gotten really good at cheating helping each other win. So we decided on Uno Attack and left the winning up to chance. 

Someone is a pretty serious card player.

But someone else "won TWO TIMES"!!!

Then the night got sillier. We have somehow created a game of who can lift Emmy the most times. I generally always lose, but she thinks it's pretty fun!

We finally managed to settle them all down and read a few Christmas stories.

We tired our tiny turkeys and tucked them in tight and on each of their heads kissed them goodnight. 


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