I need a better title than "soccer Saturday"...

But that's all I got.

We had Rad's next to last game on Saturday (that's a friendly warning that there will be one more post that says pretty much the same thing). We had a special visitor in our cheering section - Stephanie! She is my lil sis in Delta Zeta and Radley's Nanan (godmother). 

And she must have been the good luck charm because Radley scored SEVEN goals!!!

The whole team had a great game!

They all seemed to be finally "getting it"...

and of course they looked adorable per usual.

And Emmy was stil unimpressed per usual.

It really has been a ton of fun watching their group become friends. They all get a long and cheer each other on and just get excited when anyone does good!

Cameron and Radley had a great game!!

And he was all smiles....

Which meant I was, too!

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