Lillian Landry King

And I couldn't leave the Lovely Landry out of this photo goodness.

These are her 3 month shots - she was so tiny. Her hair was just now getting thicker. And her chin was still plural.


Her shots were very much an ode to our family. This quilt was my mom's growing up. It is the softest chenille you can imagine and has the slightest variation in color. It will most definitely be in one of the girls rooms at some point.

We are going to do the Princess and the Pea shot every 3 months. 
She really has become the "princess" of the family - getting the royal treatment by Radley and Emmy. Radley was always excited to be around Emmy as a baby but I constantly catch him interacting with Landry. Whether it's reading books, playing with her toys, or making her laugh uncontrably - he showers her with attention. 

And Emersyn always asks about her. "Where's Landry?" "I kiss, Landry." "Hold, Landry." "Landry, seeeping, Mommy?" She just adores her baby sister. 

And it's hard not to.

I love her expression in this one!

Her tiny chubby pinchable bottom.

And then we put her on one of my baby quilts...

And I think this was Jody's.

Then it was time for her to play with her siblings.

And once again:
Rad - trying to please
Emmy - sort of following directions of not touching the baby
Landry - wanting to escape

But like she always does, Sarah got the shot!

Then it was time for some momma snuggles. I knew that she was our last baby so I really wanted Sarah to take some pictures of just us.

In our element.

And they are breathtaking. 
She still sleeps holding her hair.

And she loves to play with my face.

I am so glad that we took these. Her eyes were still bluish and she was still just a tiny little baby.
I wish I had done these with Rad and Emmy, too.

My sweet Lovely Landry...I hope you always want to lay cheek to cheek with me. Cuddle close and keep my heart with yours. 

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