Winning Weekend...

We had just a fabulous weekend complete with amazing weather and time with friends and family!

Saturday morning we got the King Kiddies dressed and headed up to the campus for game day. My office is directly across from Kyle Field and hosts a "tailgate" before each home game so we enjoyed the atmosphere of game day without all the crazy crowd. 

The Corps of Cadets marches into Kyle Field about 2 hours before kick off so we got to watch this time honored tradition from the balcony. Radley loved it!!

And Landry loves anything!

And I love awkward family photos.
Seriously...I mean we have done this once or twice before...you'd think they'd know the drill by now.

Then it was time for the girls and me to leave while Ryan and Rad headed into Kyle Field for Radley's first Fightin' Texas Aggie football game.
I would LOVE to tell you that he had the experience of a life time. That his soul was stirred and he was forever changed. 

But. I would be lying. 

He was good through the first quarter. Then Ryan reports it was "awful". He was whining, complaining, and just overall unpleasant to be around. 

He hitched a ride home with Cindy and the girls because they were headed to our house for dinner.

Direct quote via Cindy...
"We just had to sit there and watch them play football. It was boring, Tia."

I'm sure he will grow to love it eventually.

We ended our night with yummy food, laughter, Jedi light saber fights, a minor injury and clean kids. 
Yes. Our Saturdays are just that crazy!

This morning we got our turkeys dressed for church.

I'd call it an almost success.

We made it 10 minutes early - but Emmy did get to enjoy the "don't make me take you outside speech" followed by actually being taken outside.

She's in a lovely stage. 

Pray for us. (and her)

After church we finally got around to decorating our pumpkins for the season!
Radley has been asking to paint the pumpkins "like last year" and we never did.

I'm actually kind of glad because we were able to make them more Thanksgiving friendly!

One by one we painted hands and fingers with colors selected by the kiddos...

and then left our turkey prints on a pumpkin.

Emmy definitely needed purple to be part of hers!

They turned out pretty cute, I think!

And Landry even stayed entertained.

Pro to crafting in the garage?
Emmy has a cage!!!

Ryan was very serious about his turkey.

I was seriously in love with this day.
It was just perfect.

Perfect weather. Perfect family time. Perfectly content!

And now I'm sitting on the couch, snuggled up under a blanket, fire going and Love Actually playing - life just can't get much better!

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