Lights on...

Last night was the annual "Lights On!" event in Downtown Bryan. We have made it a tradition to attend as the official {semi} opening of the Christmas season. (The official official opening is clearly Thanksgiving).

We picked up the kids, put them in some Christmas red and headed to Mr. G's pizza. And as you can see...

Any place

that can get

six different kids

to ask for seconds

is a winner!!

Then we bundled up the group and headed out to the tree. So glad Amber and Jillian could join us this year. Jillian had the most adorable purple coat on and I'm pretty sure Emmy wanted to keep it.

This girl had the best seat in the house. 
(and I put the bow on the outside to make sure she still looked like a girl keep the hat in place.) 

The kids stayed entertained with music and dancing and of course the big countdown to turning all the lights on. I wish I would have thought to taken a picture but each shop lights up their store front with lights and they are all turned on simultaneously. 

Then the kids light up because someone makes a special guest appearance...

And he hands out candy.

Our first Christmas as a family of FIVE!

And next year we will have one more boy in this group!
(maybe Radley will actually smile then! ;))

Emmy would not leave our side when the square was a swarm of people. The moment everyone filed out, we couldn't slow her down. 

I wonder how many pictures I will have of these three over the years? 
Not enough - I can assure you that. 
Never enough!

Landry is my strange child - she LOVES the cold. She was getting fussy in the moby wrap and as soon as I took her out she settled down and turned her giggles on. Maybe she will going skiing with her Daddy.

We had one more stop before we could call it a night so we got the group together and walked down to the library so we could write Santa some letters.

Radley requested a new movie - isn't that lucky for Mommy and Daddy!?

Then it was time to call it a night!

May the merry memory making begin!!!

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