There is no adequate title for this random mess...

So our Saturday was **slightly** busy... and since I know that you are absolutely dying to hear and see all about it, I am treating you to 28 semi-decent pictures as well as a short{ish} summation of the events:

First up...Baby Boy Bailey Shower

My sweet friend Krista is having a baby! She is the momma to Kayla who was born 26 hours before Radley. We were next door neighbors in the hospital and have since grown to become great friends. We are THRILLED to welcome Baby Bailey in December. 

Since they haven't picked a name and I am obsessed with my cricut I made this for the entry table and each guest received a card labeled 1-12 to write a note for Krista to open each month. 

Baby Bailey has been very prayed for so the plaque my mom bought her for his nursery was just perfect!

I had to take a picture of the set up before the shower since I was headed to Radley's last soccer game of the fall. I would like to point out my favorite new item - the crown bowl ...isn't it just lovely!? 

I did take pictures of the actual shower but on my mom's camera since my camera was at the soccer game. I rushed to the game to see him play for 8 minutes then headed back home for the shower, but not before capturing a **few** more soccer pics.
(Because we are clearly lacking)

She LOVES these games. She sits and "cheers" and tries to eat grass. It's wonderful!

 He once again didn't disappoint and was extra aggressive for this game. I haven't yet decided if that's good or bad! ;)

I'm just so proud of my little man!

Ashtyn, Mia, Radley, Neil, Joshua, Cameron
The Super Six!

They all enjoyed cupcakes and got these goofy fantastic trophies for playing. I actually can't wait for spring soccer!! 

Ryan then took the two bigs to a birthday party for one of Radley's classmates while Landry and I were enjoying celebrating Baby Bailey. 

They hosted the party at a local park and the kids had tons of fun!

They rented a giant bounce house and what five year old doesn't love bouncing?
(or is that Tigger - I can't remember)

Carlos also had a pinata and judging by these pictures Radley was determined to break it!

(please note that Jaden's dad is literally holding him back - probably a good idea since pinata candy isn't worth head injuries)

Then it was home for super quick baths and we loaded up the car and headed to Robinson for my hometown's annual coronation. 
(I can and should do an entire post on the car ride down there listening to the Aggie/Alabama game and then leaving with 7 minutes left on this clock to watch my 2 best-friends' girls walk down the stage and miss seeing the greatest victory of recent Aggie history, but I won't. Instead read this

(And it was worth it - I have DVR and my texts with Cindy are instant classics)


We went to Robinson for Coronation - a PTA fundraiser for scholarships. Each individual class K-4 nominates a duke and duchess and then the 5th - 12th grade classes nominate 1/grade. The HS students compete by seeing who can raise the most money and the winning class' representative is crowned Queen. 

And as soon as I walked into that cafetorium I was immediately back into 1997. 

It was crazy. I may have cried a little.

But that could have been due to the Aggies. 

And this is really why it was worth it.

How stinking adorable is Karli?!?!?

And Gracee??

And this cute 2 year old that was busted trying to get onto stage!
(I kind of felt like we needed to hold Radley back - he loves attention and wanted to know when his turn was)

I'd like to think he would be as cool as this dude in the hat.

Whom I don't know.

But think is adorable. 

I was surprised to get to see other friend's kids like Miss Dylan. 

And basically my entire hometown. 

The entire day was CRAZY but a fantastic reminder that you are never too old for the following:

1.  Arts and crafts
2. Hiding things in your bathroom when you have people coming over and you didn't have time to put stuff away in your attic
3. More than one cupcake a day
4. Road trips
5. Coming home
6. Crying over a football game

Hope you had a fun Saturday, too!

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