William Radley King...

Radley took his five year pics in September and the ever-so-talented Miss Sarah Giles had a fun surprise waiting for me this morning in my inbox...

These sibling shots were kind of a last minute thought and ended up being my favorites!

I think they capture him in his "#1 bro" role just perfectly as well as the roles his sisters play...

Radley - first born. Pleasing. Trying to do exactly what he is told. Holding up his sisters.
Emersyn - second/middle child. Free spirit. Trouble. Too cute for her own good.
Landry - the baby. Delightful and happy girl!

He really is the #1 bro! We couldn't be more proud of him!

It may come as no to surprise, but I have been planning his 5 year pictures since he was 2. :) College Station is home to one of the best fire schools in the nation/world (I think) so needless to say our fire stations are pretty amazing. 

 We live across the street from Station #5 and I just pictured him standing on the front of  a truck with the station number big and bright around him. I bought this shirt on clearance at Carter's for $2 when he was 3! (I'm not doing a very good job of convincing anyone that I'm not crazy, huh?) Well, we are actually now building a Station #6 so all the #5 truck numbers have been removed so those can be sent to the new station. Ho hum. 

They still turned out pretty darn amazing!

He was getting so much attention from all the firefighters and was getting shy. It was adorable. 
They had just come back from fighting a fire so they were cleaning all the trucks

These next two shots make me cry. He is just so OLD. And even though he's clearly not - he is. 
Does that even make sense?

I hope he always loves cars, blocks and UPS trucks. 

He got attacked by ants at this spot but we convinced him to smile anyway.
This is his "I'm smiling because I'm compliant" face.... may he always listen so well to his Momma!

Then it was time for some fun... I saw these electric blue skinny jeans in Target one day and decided that he "needed" them. 

Clearly for pictures.

Because he clearly wears electric blue skinny jeans all the time. Getting him in them was like getting a teenage girl from the 70s in her bell bottoms. 

We took him to this awesome skate park in College Station and just let him play. He got some compliments on his "pig board" - Sarah and I had no idea what that even meant.
(It's the skateboard - it's fat. Like a pig. And also from 1987. Thanks, Jody)

He LOVED it. And I loved that we got some fun real expressions from him!

He's tough fo sure.

Like thug life tough.

And then I realized that this location may have been a **huge** mistake. 
He was MESMERIZED by these kids. Like could not take his eyes off them.

And they were happy to put on a show for him. They kept jumping right behind him and he was sure to ask them a million questions. 

Sarah and I were frightened that he may try to take on the half pipe (or whatever its called). 
We told him he was not allowed to be a skater boy. Until he was 30.

And then it's only a maybe.

And then I realize he will be 30 before I know it. 

I've said it before. I waited my "whole life" for these moments. And now they come all to soon. Pouring out like flooding waters. I am drowning in blessings.

And this sweet, funny, tender, smart, handsome, amazing little boy is a blessing I am thankful for daily!

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