Tiny Tales Thursday...

I was working on something yesterday when I got a phone call from a number I didn't recognize. In the city where Radley is at camp. And I clearly panicked.

Me: Hello? (Not in the Adele voice that you are all thinking now)
Random person: Mrs. King?
Me: This is she. *Mrs. Collier would be so proud
Rando: This is Lindsey from Carolina Creek
Me: Is Radley ok???
Lindsey: Yes, he is absolutely fine. He is sitting right next to me and would like to know if we can break open his camp trunk so he can go swimming.
Me: Ummm... break it open?
Linds: Yes ma'am - its broken.
Me: How broken? (because y'all - it had been used for 48 hours at this point).
Linds: brief explanation
Me: Well, of course - whatever y'all need to do and tell him to have fun and not worry!

Phone clicks.

Looks like I'll be bringing extra luggage with me to pick up a kid on Saturday. Because clearly.

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  1. We struggle every single year with ours and I just know any second it will be broken!