Ryan and I woke up bright and early, grabbed some donuts and kolaches and headed over to the HMMs to eat breakfast with the slumber party crew!

Then we headed to the Grand Station for our MLK Day Tradition of bowling!

I'm pretty sure this shot resulted in a spare for Miss Caroline!

Millie was big enough to give it a try!

Emmy all of a sudden seems so big to me in moments like this. Her hair seems to have grown a foot in the past 6 months. 

And Miss Priss insisted on rolling the ball like "Ladley". 

She did pretty well (with a little help from Mommy and Tia). 

You can rent the lanes by the hour, which is the perfect time for our group. Not everyone stays interested the entire time and they get distracted by the arcade that is connected to the bowling alley. 

And this one is slightly competitive. He "gets" the point of the game and it frustrates him if he doesn't get a strike or a spare. He does not get that from me. 

We made it through nine frames in the hour - Josh won. He DOES have a competitive streak. :)

And Landry was clearly not impressed with bowling. 

They were; however, impressed with the games. When did they get big enough for this?

Not possible!

This is the "dance party" version of DDR. 


They weren't so good at skeet ball... I ended up playing for all of them and the machines didn't even spit out tickets. Ummm. Why do you even pay to go to an arcade if it's not for the tickets!?!

That afternoon Ryan met us home for lunch and to play outside for a bit. 

Landry was banished to her playpen again because she wouldn't keep the acorns out of her mouth. 

What would you give for eyelashes like that?!?

We had a shoot out competition. I was able to knock down all of the wooden blocks with only 7 discs.

Ryan knocked down 2. 

Radley knocked down 1.

So I may not be able to bowl, but I'm handy with a firearm. 


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