Happy Monthday...

Kind of.

Well, my Lovely little Landry.

You are sick. 

I know, you just feel and look pitiful. The sparkle from your eyes is even gone and it makes me so sad!!

I will {hopefully} take your monthday photos this weekend when you are all better as well as do your officially monthday post (because I am nothing if not consistent). You actually turned 10 months yesterday and this is how excited you were about it...

For now, these sad little doed eyed pics that your Daddy snapped last night will have to do. 
(For the record, Josh Munson, I do wax my eyebrows, but they look super thick in these pics. ::flashback to 1999:: Is that how they always look? If so, those you that are my real friends should tell me.).

Back to more important things.

This all started last Friday - you had a tiny fever so I took you to see Dr. H and low and behold, double ear infection. You then proved, yet again, to be the most angelic baby because you had not shed one tear, you were eating and sleeping and normal except for the fever. 

We did get a weight in - 18 pounds!! I think Emmy hit 18 pounds when she 16 months old!

We started the antibiotics that day and you remained happy. On Saturday you had some pretty nasty diapers that I will not describe via blog but overall happy. We figured it was the medicine. Then on Saturday night, Radley joined in the fun of tummy issues with a small warning of "my tummy kind of feels funny" followed by a lovely dose of vomit 10 minutes later. 

(sorry, I couldn't think of a nicer word for vomit).

Luckily he healed over night and no one else seemed to catch it. You also only had one bad diaper on Sunday so off to school you went the next day.

You weren't really quite yourself all week, but we chalked it up to the tummy issues because of the medicine. Until last night when your fever spiked to 102 and you gave us these sad eyes...

You poor baby. We are on orders to love and hug you all day because Dr. H wants to see if the fever goes down (which it has) on it's own. And because it's flu season and he is all booked for the day. You get to see him first thing in the morning.

So, on this particular "monthday" your loves are:
Boudreaux's Butt Paste 
Mum Mums
and Tylenol

We LOVE you Lovely Landry!! 

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  1. awww - those sad little eyes!! hope she is starting to feel better!! sending hugs!! xoxo