Three Stripe...

I've talked lots about the RaRas - my group of childhood friends. Well,  turns out girls aren't the only ones that name their group, make up businesses and come up with a "secret" sign. This past weekend we got to hang out with the other two card carrying members of "Three Stripe"- otherwise known as Ryan's best buds - and their families. 

We drove into Spring on Friday (the 29th) and settled in at the Bryant's - Jamie, Kacey, Karys and Khyler. The Stanton's - Chris, Stephanie and Grayson - were already there. We threw our stuff down, munched on some pizza and settled directly into "comfortable". Which is just like it should be with old friends. 

We went to bed relatively early since we had a long day ahead of us on Saturday.  It was relatively easy to get everyone asleep even in their unusual surroundings. 

(Side note - goal for 2013: become a better blogger. I never remember to take pictures of family groups.)

Saturday morning we all got dressed and headed out to the Woodland's Children's Museum. The kids were excited and I was too - we are members at the BVCM so we got in free - SCORE!

Khyler (2), Karys (6) and Landry were ready to go! 

This place was awesome! Tons of fun stuff for the kids to do like paint...


and dig for treasure.

It took Emmy awhile to warm up to the place, but Uncle Jamie didn't mind carting her around.

They had a special story time with a local author and Landry was so excited to listen.

Our group kind of took up the space.

I love that she still loves to be carried!
(and check out those tiny teeth)

Radley was pumped about the fire station center - he could have stayed all day long.

Emmy volunteered to show Landry how to work the tiny tots center...

And was sure to catch her at the bottom of the slide.

This center cracked me up - ridiculously cute.

After Radley finished making his 1405 castle of the day, we decided it was time to eat.

 The biggest kids got their own table

And the rest of us had to share.

But for some reason someone wasn't willing to share her ice cream...

or his either.

Sweet Khyler kept trying to hide from the camera. 

Then we were off to the park.

I always think it's funny that kids never seem to care about the weather.
If it's hot - they play. If it's cold - they play. If it's raining - they jump in puddles.

Both of these girls had heavier coats but neither wanted to wear them.

We had fun watching the kids and just catching up. Ryan told me that he once thought about how life would be when they all "grew up" and hoped that all of their wives would get a long. His wish came true - I love these girls. They are so much fun, incredibly smart, beautiful, Godly women. Lucky to have them in my circle of friends!

 Chris and Ryan were roommates in college (Jamie went to Tulane). I got to see his crazy, funny, sometimes irresponsible, always-up-for-fun side. I LOVE seeing his caring, considerate, compassionate, totally-smitten-with-his-family side, too.

 The kids all got along so well and just loved soaking up each other.

(Seriously, Radley - you could never be a fighter pilot with that sensitivity to the sun. Which actually, makes me happy.)

This is the part where I tell you that Emmy managed to get green duck poop all over my cream coat. Lovely. Seriously, the hight light of the trip.

Radley tried to teach the ducks how to fetch sticks. Poor birds thought it was food and kept going after them and Radley thought it was hilarious. 

After we were all chilled to the core - we headed to The Woodlands United Methodist Church - and while I would love to tell you it's because we are committed Christians that wanted to take time in our day to pray (which we are) - they have an AMAZING play area. FREE to the public - members and non-members alike. Y'all. It was like crazy cool in there.

 Then it was time to head back to the Bryant's for some fajitas and fun!

The men of course supervised the grilling process. Aren't they cute with their "3 Stripe".

The kitchen was filled with lots of food, lots of laugh, funny stories and giggles galore. We gave the little kids quick baths and put everyone to bed... 

 Even these two grabbed a quick nap. Ha!

Once everyone was sound asleep the biggest kids (us) busted out the board games and wine and got to playing. It was one of those kinds of evenings where the occasional "remember when" is followed by a new moment that we will reference years later. The kind of night where sarcasm is received with love - where the glasses are never empty and the laughter is always full.  Where we all look up at each other and say "why don't we do this more often" and already make plans for the next reunion.

The kids had as much fun as we did...and as soon as we pulled out of the drive way, the eyes closed shut - evidence of the perfect weekend!

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