Saturday Silliness...

Everyone woke up feeling good and filled with LOVE on Saturday!
(I think they are smiling so big because they were excited that they get to wear seasonal shirts again).

We ran some errands, grabbed some lunch and headed home to play in the warm winter weather. I looked up from folding clothes on the couch and had to snap a few pics through the window. 

These kids ADORE their Daddy. Like lots. 

The also love this.... 

And their Jeep. Radley was hauling sticks and on his way to pick up Emmy for a date. 

The afternoon went by in that slow easy way that weekends are supposed to feel like. We played some more, took baths, ate something for dinner I'm sure and played with one of Radley's favorite birthday presents. His friend, Kayla, got him pirate dominoes. 

Emmy couldn't be trusted to help, so she had to sit in her "pin-cess" chair and watch. 

I love watching his imagination at work. He tells the best stories and comes up with the silliest things. Everything is wondrous in his eyes. 

He was also pretty excited about using his new Jake, Izzy and Cubby purchased with this "Santa money". 

Little by little he was getting it all set up.

And Emmy kept scooching closer and closer. 

Landry wasn't happy at all with her spot. But she clearly could not be trusted.

"Mommy. Jake, Izzy and Cubby are trying to get to the treasure and then get on their ship but the giant megladon is chasing them. They have to hurry up and knock down all the dominoes so they can leave and get their gold doubloons." 

Success! Emmy was now free to play about and help Radley set it up again. 

And then of course I had one of those moments where I looked up at our hand-me-down, too-small-for us kitchen table surrounded by precious artwork and pinched myself. 

The curly pony tails. 

The happy baby. 

It's like a dream. We put them all to bed, said our prayers and gave thanks for one more day in this dream. 

And then I walked back in the kitchen and was jolted back to reality when I spotted my husband under the sink getting rid of a leak. 

He's hot and handy!

Living the dream, people!

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