Just a look at the last few weeks from my phone's point of view. My blogger bestie, Jenn, does this each Friday and I love it. I may try to do the same, but for now enjoy these moments a la Apple. 

Someone is getting good at standing! Isn't she a doll baby?

Radley loves puzzles like Buddy the Elf likes smiling. 
As in they are his "favorite." 

I found this one at Hobby Lobby and he's pretty much obsessed. I see a road tripper in our future. He wants to know all about each of the states, who lives there, what you can do there, etc. One day I'll tell him about the trip I took with Carolyn (like when he's 25). 

Someone loves bundles. 

And going to work with Mommy.

I woke up to this sweet Saturday surprise a few weeks ago.
Run, don't walk, to the nearest store and buy one. 

A trip to Target with my two favorite girls and Gigi. 

Her first pair of pig tails. 
I know, ridiculously adorable!

This is the face of a little tiny human girl that doesn't feel good. She was on day 5 of lots of diaper changes but still just as sweet as can be. I hate when they feel sick but I will admit I love the extra cuddles. 

We are trying to get Radley to start showering to cut down on nighttime routines. He loves it!

You know, just a typical day at work...starting off with breakfast with Danny Glover.

He was on campus as the keynote speaker for the 6th Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Breakfast honoring the works of Dr. King during the Civil Rights movement. He was amazing...provided such great perspective on such an incredible time in our country's history. But the thing that stuck with me most was how he spoke of his family, particularly his parents.

"I was in love with my father from the moment that I took my first breath until the moment I watched him take his last." 

I pray my kids speak of me that way one day. 

Every week is shark week at our house. 


Emmy is in a "hair" stage. She wants it just so and my poor girls got stuck with a momma that has the pony tail mastered...and that's about it. Pinterest can't event help me. 

We heart seasonal clothes. 

I spent a Saturday afternoon with Cindy. It as a business meeting. 

I came home from that lovely 2 hour appointment to this. 

A broken sink and lots of toys. Scattered everywhere. Lots and lots of toys. With small parts.

He did fix the sink, though. 

We hosted our first "fancy" dinner party and used Lola's china. 

Ryan and I were getting ready for the dinner party and I realized it had gotten too quiet in the house. 

Emmy informed me that "We nap together, Mommy."

And we were all set for the fun by 6:45pm!

Landry wasn't impressed with our annual MLK Day bowling. 

Left overs = dinner of champions. 

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