Tunnel vision...

Landry has a "tunnel" in her classroom at school. When she became somewhat mobile Radley asked her teachers every day if she had gone through the tunnel. He was met with a "not today" for a couple of weeks and was so disappointed. Until... Miss Pam let him know that she made it all the way through! 

So he wanted to celebrate by making a tunnel for her at home...

First attempt:  

She wasn't very impressed and quickly destroyed it. If you look at Radley's eyes close enough you can see his frustration/disappointment. 

Second Attempt:

She didn't knock it down, but she stopped as soon as she grabbed "the bait" (her pacifier) and didn't crawl all the way through. 

But, the third time's a charm...

S U C C E S S!!

She made it all the way through!! 

He was so excited and proud of her and himself!

A congratulatory picture as requested by Mr. Radley King...

And then he insisted of one with "the helpers" aka me and Emmy.

Next up: Skyscrapers

ps. I find it ironic that the toy we play with most in this house is the 2 dollar box of mega blocks that we purchased at a garage sale. Simple things, people. I should quit buying toys - we would be super rich. Or, I could at least get those hideous dining room chairs recovered.



  1. I love reading all your post! And your 3 are absolutely precious! But I do have to ask where you got Radleys peanut shirt?

    1. Hey Miranda!

      I had it made for him. We took pics with the kids with their "in-utero" nicknames and his was Peanut! ;)

      Happy New Year!