Mustache Bash...

Saturday morning the kids and I loaded up the car and headed to a "mustache bash" for my sweet friend, Carolyn's, little boy. Carolyn is my little sis in Delta Zeta. 

Side story: I knew Carolyn and I would be friends before we even met. We were going through what seemed like millions of slides of women rushing in the summer of 1998 when what appears on the screen? A girl. A pretty girl. Small amount of makeup. Glasses. Khakis and a white button down? What - no glamour shot? Not a brand new wardrobe? From that moment I knew she was "the one" for me. My rush crush and future little. 

Ok - so it was her baby's birthday and from the moment I got this in the mail I knew it was going to be a GREAT party:

Check out Carolyn's blog for ALL the details. I tried to get pics, but I was riding solo so my picture taking was limited.  Please play special attention to the part where she points out she hung new pics in her dining room to fit the theme. Now that is a great hostess. 

As soon as we arrived she ushered us to the photo station for our pics. 

And one with Radley and Will, otherwise known as the twins that aren't related. It's eerie how much they look alike - Emmy kept pointing at the pictures in their house asking me why Radley was there! :)

The kids played and enjoyed the deliciousness that is Chic Fil A. All the other kids starting chowing down where ever, but I looked up and Emmy and Radley had set up shop at the kitchen table. Ha! She sat there for 30 minutes and enjoyed her meal. Every single bite. She may eat slow - but she eats!

Carolyn, Billy, Will and John before the birthday cake!

They are all so cute. Just adorable.

Then it was time for presents - we got the boys matching Johnny Manziel jersey's - Billy was jealous. John was happy that the party was wrapping up - he doesn't so much love lots of people. But he did let me hold him so clearly I'm the favorite! Will and his bestie, Dylan got bored with all the gift opening so they decided to become superheros - just in time for a group picture!

Landry was aiming more for a goatee than a mustache.

Carolyn, Me and Sarah (Carolyn's little sis). It has been too long, ladies!

Not suprisingly, Radley loved the picture station and wanted me to take just "a few more with the mustaches"...

"And one more with Will, Mom."
(the one below I swiped from Carolyn)

It was a great start to the PERFECT weekend!

Happy Birthday, big John! We love you!

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