New Year's Eve...

Our original NYE plans included a trip to Waco to ring in 2013 with my hometown besties. But then I remembered Ryan had to work, so we decided to stay in town and ring in the New Year with him, since he would probably be home around 4. 

I said probably.

Well, something happened and he wasn't going to make it home until 7ish. (I said ish). So me and the kids loaded the car and Radley got to pick the restaurant. He of coursed picked "HONEY CHICKEN!!" which is Pei Wei in big people talk. 

When I walked in with 3 kids alone people kinda glanced my way.
When I ordered meals they gave me a sideways look. 
When I sat down with every intention to eat alone with 3 small children, I got the crazy eyes.

Chill people. My kids are GREAT! 

My attempt to take a selfie and fit us all in? Notsomuch.

Our order:
1 kids terriyaki chicken with brown rice
1 kids honey chicken with brown rice
1 kids lo mien
1 "diner select" Mongolian beef
3 waters

Not bad at all.

All of the kids love this food.

Like LOTS.

Probably isn't very good for them.

Oh well!

Daddy made it for the end of dinner and then we headed on over to the DQ for some "treats".

We live large and crazy in the town of College Station.

We went around and talked about our high lights of the year:

Radley - Christmas and his birthday
Emmy - Gigi and Pops
Ryan - time spent with family
Katy - March 16, 2012
Landry - March 16, 2012

Landry did get her first taste of heaven in the form of a chocolate malt. 

She would have eaten that whole thing, but Ryan doesn't like to share food.

Then we headed home, got bundled up, watched a movie and went to bed after we took the final King Kiddie photo of 2012.

As I fell asleep at the ripe old hour of 11pm, I thought about what 2012 meant to me and our family:

January - I had survived my first peak season with a UPS Supervisor
February - I turned 33 and started what US World News (I think) has found to be people's "best year"; GiGi retired
March - Lillian Landry King joined our monarchy
April -  Spring had sprung and we were enjoying the outdoors
May - Last month of maternity leave, trip to the beach, Emmy moved into a big bed
June - Emmy turned 2, KK GOT MARRIED
July - Annual July 4th gathering, Visit from the California Guercios
August - GiGi stayed with us to watch Miss L; Radley officially starts Pre-K
September - Radley turned FIVE, Aggie Football begins
October - Soccer with Rad, Halloween
November - WE BEAT ALABAMA!, Jody's SURPRISE 40th Birthday
December - Slower pace, fun memories, happy kids

Can't wait to see the many blessings of lucky 2013!

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