Happy Monthday (again)...

Lillian Landry King

you are

What have you been up to lately?

Besides the past week of sickness, you have remained your pleasant, happy, angel baby self!

You still nurse/take bottles 4 times each day along with your breakfast/lunch/dinner and snacks. You are kind of obsessed with table food. Clearly our third child,  you have eaten beef stroganoff, lasagna, avacado, hamburgers, french fries, bananas, pears, peaches, grapes, mac and cheese and any bread that we can give you. You LOVE it. You have also mastered the art of the feeding yourself with the pouches of pureed food which comes in handy when Mommy is on dinner duty alone and I can't get to you fast enough for your liking. We have started giving you sippy cups at meal and snack time to get you used to having them and you seem to like them. 

You are in a size 3 diaper and are wearing mainly 9-12 month clothes. I stick you in the 6 month stuff and it isn't too tight to be uncomfortable but you are getting longer. At your sick appointment last week you weighed 18 pounds, but lost a few ounces due to the dirty diaper incident of 2013. 

Your hair is officially too long to just be "down". You are a pony tail girl and I LOVE it! You also wore your first pair of pig tails this month. Such a big kid!

You have the world's cutest feet. It's true. They are basically the same width as length at this point. You LOVE playing with your feet and "hiding the sock" is your favorite game. Meaning - we have lots and lots of lonely socks in our house. 

You have an endless supply of smiles and laughs. You LOVE to be tickled by Radley. You let Emmy play with you and kiss you until she is content or bored. You are happy to play alone but are quick to let us know when you need the attention that you more than deserve. 

You also adore your long weekend naps. We put you down around 11-12 and you will sleep for 3 hours. All I have to do is give you a pacifier and your taggie and you fall forward, instantly asleep. I should film it because it is delightfully adorable. 

You put EVERYTHING in your mouth. We joke that Lola is sending you places to pick up dust and dirt to remind us how important it is to have a clean house. But seriously, you are the first King baby that has had to play in the "playpen" for your own safety and our sanity. We have found paper, old food, carpet, yarn, plastic tags from shirts, cat food, and leaves in your mouth. I hate to think what you have swallowed, but you seem to be just fine so I'm not too worried. 

You will stand next to a table or chair for a small period of time but haven't quite pulled up on your own yet. I am in no rush for you to grow up so that is fine with me. You have figured out that it is much more fun to be held and carried anyway. 

Smart girl!

You love the following: 

Playing peek-a-boo 
(see picture below. Seriously, you LOVE it and will put anything in front of your face and "hide" while we say "Where's Landry?")
Your two bottom teeth
Eating big kid food
Your taggie
Musical toys
Going places that you aren't allowed
Your teachers
Morning cuddles with Mommy


You said "ma ma". Clear as day. I heard it twice. And so did Daddy!

You are definitely babbling and connecting sounds more and more. Your daddy and I are debating if you will have a small voice like Emmy or big like Radley.
(we both think Rad)

I can't believe you are two months away from being ONE!

The party planning has officially begun (obviously) and you are excited about it already!

You steal our heart more and more each day, Lovely Landry!!!


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