Back to the swing of things...

Ryan's "job" at home on Saturday was to get the house ready for deChristmasification (totally a word), so when the kids and I got home from the party, we were greeted with this...

I fed Landry, Ryan packed a bag and some snacks and then took the kids to the Children's Museum while I proceeded with the task at hand. Every year it seems like our Christmas has multiplied and this year was no exception  (and I didn't even put up one of our trees).

I literally thought I would never finish. And it's always so bittersweet. Emersyn cried when she saw all the ornaments on the couch.

"No...our Cwismas twee! Santa! Jesus birthday!"

This was my favorite new addition to our collection. We have a snowman family for each year we have added to our kingdom - I just love it!

This was one movie in... 

We even have Christmas "everyday" dishes which is awesome - until it's time to make the switch.


By Sunday I was completely done, all that was left was for all of this to be put back in the attic (which literally just got done, and it's 11pm on Tuesday).

While I was finishing up on the inside, Ryan and the kids were taking down the outside lights. Well, Radley helped...

Emmy just supervised. 

Our reward for all of that hard work was a Sunday afternoon family bike ride. 

I do NOT recommend riding a bike and taking pictures - it was not the safest/easiest thing I have ever done - but it was worth it!

You could hear the girls giggling the entire time. 

And for some reason when I looked up at the playground and saw this I was almost moved to tears. I think we - or at least I - get so caught up in the "important" things in life that when these simple moments, like bikes stacked up at the park, it almost knocks the breath out of me. I am filled with gratitude during these moments.

We weren't planning on staying long since dinner was literally in the oven, but Radley managed to talk Ryan into one game of chase. 

Because who could deny this face?

Emmy could stay on the swings for hours.

And Landry enjoyed her first trip the playground, too!

Radley insisted that he needed to push Landry, too.

It was a great way to cap off a perfect weekend.

Just what I needed. Exactly what I needed, actually. Time with my favorite four people in the entire world. Time to laugh. Time to relax. Time to just enjoy the company of each other.

And work on our resolutions. 
(Ryan resolved to hold Landry as much as possible before she turns one - I don't think that was a real challenge, but I liked it.)

We rode back home, put on our pjs and enjoyed the most yummiest soulful food you can taste...including the least healthy mashed potatoes Ryan has ever made. 

But Landry didn't seem to mind.

I think 2013 is going to be an excellent year.


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