Sick days....

Miss L can't seem to shake whatever bug she caught on top of her double ear infection so Ryan and I split baby duty yesterday. She woke up much happier today but since she had a fever last night, we kept her home again. And wouldn't you know it that Mommy caught some of her bug too. 

So we all stayed home today which let Ryan and I enjoy some 1:1 time with the baby of the family and allowed us to reorganize some of the mess that is our toys. I was going to do a "before and after"  post about how nice it is to clean out and see the kind of dramatic differences that just let you breathe easier...but it actually still looks the same. We just shifted things around so that it all fits better to allow the cabinet doors to actually close. We also cleaned out Radley's room and then got in a big "pro/con" discussion of having a toy room. Today the cons won, so Emmy and Landry didn't come home to a shared space. 

Ryan actually did most of the work and I just played around with my camera - trying to actually use all the settings to take pictures beyond using the "auto" setting. 

Luckily she's cute enough that the fuzziness of me trying to manually focus doesn't seem to matter. 

I eventually started getting a little better. 

Today I let her wear my crown...but only because she survived the ickies. 

I think about the day my kids realize actually how many pictures we have taken of them. I see eye rolling, sarcastic comments and exasperated conversations about "did you just follow me around with a camera and take pictures?" 

Yes. Yes I did.

You are welcome. 

The sparkle is back in her eyes!

Wouldn't it be nice to freeze frame life like this? Just turn it into "black and white" and get rid of all the chaos that surrounds us to just be in the moment?

Turns out I really needed a fever to sit at home and enjoy the peace of just being. 

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