Every night after the kids have been asleep I walk back into their rooms for one more peek. I give them each a kiss and tell them my dreams for them and say a prayer for their health and happiness. 

And every night I laugh at how DIFFERENT they each are and how much the way in which they sleep mimics their sweet personalities.

ALWAYS covered up. 
Wrapped in his blankets and loveys - He offers the most hugs and kisses out of the 3 so it's fitting to me that he hugs and holds on to everything in his bed. 
Asleep on the very edge - just like everything he does. Pushing the boundaries to explore an discover more. Always learning always asking questions, always ready to "fall out of bed" and get started. 
He wakes up asking questions. 

No blankets. I try to cover her up and she immediately kicks them off. 
Spread eagle in bed - making her tiny body take up as much space as possible. Just like when she is awake - her tiny presence consumes everyone around her. She is a mess. She sleeps hard. Content in exactly what she is doing at the moment and okay to sit and do the same thing for hours. She wants everything HER way so I never find her in the same position twice. 

The baby. 
Literally hiding from the chaotic world around her. 

May their dreams be forever sweet and may I never forget to kiss them to sleep. 

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  1. haha - landry! your comment cracked me up!!

    it's so funny - jackson sleeps like radley and addie sleeps like emersyn! :)

    we seriously need to get these kids together. for real.