Tiny Tales Thursday...

Emmy is very into princesses these days. Which is funny because she has only seen one "princess movie" - the Little Mermaid and by "seen" I really mean I watched it while she got distracted and did other things only stopping for the songs.

But she loves them. She changes clothes 139593 times a day and is just really into being a girl these days. I will try not to roll my eyes. I said try.

The other morning I was getting her dressed and wanted to redo her pony tail to which I received the following response:

"No, Mommy. Daddy did it. It's my PRINCESS ponytail."

Really? I wonder who told her something like that...


We have a dog and 2 cats. All 3 of which are old. And grumpy. And live outdoors. Our dog, Kasey, only likes to be in the garage. She barks if she is anywhere else. It's annoying. But she stays put even when she isn't in the kennel. As we were leaving for school one day, Radley noticed she was walking to the driveway.

Rad: Mommy - is Kasey going to run away.
Me: No, buddy. ::secretly wishing yes::
Rad: Because she can't run, right?
Me: Yes - she couldn't go anywhere far.
Rad: Because she's old?
Me: Yep. Because she's old.
Rad: Like Pops and GiGi? 

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. (no really, that was my actual response). 


Saturday, January 5, 2013...

Me: Landry, say "Momma"...
Landry: Ma-Ma!

And that is when I became a puddle.

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