I carry your heart...

So I have a confession. 

I don't love Valentine's Day.

At all. 

I know, it's weird. I think it's the high maintenance part of me that believes you should show me your love every day and not just when Hallmark tells you to. Maybe.


BUT... my kids love it. And I love my kids, so there you go. We took a little trip to Hobby Lobby last week and I found the cutest mailboxes on sale and thought that it would be fun to let the kids decorate their own so we could leave sweet messages to them in February. 

So yesterday afternoon after naps we got to painting. 
(Ryan and I left Abilene early so we could let my parents get home and spend time with the kiddos). 

Emmy wanted to paint hers purple of course, and we did't have "dawk pul-pel" so we had a quick lesson in mixing paint and then got going. 

She also picked purple for her "E". 

I'm not sure if the two inches of paint she used was enough.

I think it was the most I had seen her concentrate ever.

Radley picked "spring colors" for his mailbox.

Aqua, yellow, red and white. Clearly my kid!

I love how much he loves these kinds of projects. I also love that kids see beauty in everything. It doesn't matter if the paint goes on "perfectly" they are automatically proud of their work. They aren't self-conscience of their abilities. It isn't until Ms. Shraunk gives you a "B" in art that you start to lose faith.

Hypothetically speaking, of course.

One more layer of aqua and done!

Emmy wanted bright pink for her flag. Such a girly-girl. 

We let Landry get in on the fun, too. But then she tried to eat the sponge, so I finished for her and let the big kids pick the colors for her mailbox.

(Sorry, L...maybe next year!)

I LOVE that Ryan does these projects with us. He isn't afraid to let his inner-crafter get busy and often gets way more "into" than me and the kids. 

We let the first coat dry while we did baths and dinner. 

Which consisted of cereal. 

Don't judge. We were out of town all weekend. And I put bananas in the cereal.

Then it was time to personalize their creations with stickers they had picked at HobLob.

"I love you to the moon and back" is perfect for Rad since he falls asleep telling me he loves me "from Earth to the Moon to Jupiter to Mars and all the way back!"

You are loved, sweet boy! More than you will ever know!

Emmy quickly put 15 stickers on her mailbox before I could stop her. 

And L just tried to eat them.

And done!

They are now sitting nicely on our kitchen table waiting to be filled with {LOVE}!

I just LOVE the way they turned out! And I already put a note in them for after school..I think I may like Valentine's Day after all. 

But I'm still mad at Hallmark. 


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