Landry 6 Month Photos...

 We took Miss Landry's 6 month pictures the last week in September - but I was busy with "Christmas posts" that I hadn't finished writing this one. 

(And for those of you wondering. Yes. We take LOTS of pictures. Like every 3
 months since April 2010. I know, I know - it's crazy. BUT... well - 
we NEEDED them all.)
April 2010- Emmy bump/Rad 2.5 years
June 2010 - Emmy NB
September 2010 - Rad 3 year/Emmy 3 month
December 2010 - Christmas/Emmy 6 month
March 2011 - Emmy 9 month
June 2011 - Emmy 1 year
September 2011 - Rad 4 year
November 2011 - Christmas/Emmy 18 month
January 2012 - MAK bump
March 2012 - Landry NB
May/June 2012 - Landry 3 month/Emmy 2 year
September 2012 - Rad 5 year/Landry 6 month
October 2012 - Christmas

Wow. I don't know if I feel better or worse...I know, I'm crazy. Commit me. And yes, my husband "puts up" with my crazy, but wouldn't you when you get pictures back like this....

My original plan was not to do a family picture since we were doing them again for the Christmas card. But, well we were already driving to Hearne to shoot at this FABULOUS purple wall discovered by Cindy and we look good in purple.... and purple is the color of royalty... and we are "the kings".... so WHY NOT!?! 

Landry thought it was a great idea!

And so did Emmy...

And Radley is always up for a photo-op! 

I just LOVE the way these turned out...

like seriously LOVE!

I knew I wanted to display these somewhere in the house (probably the living room since we have an olive/navy/plum thing kinda going on in there) so I made sure to get pics of me and Ryan with each of the kids, a lots of group shots and some individuals of just the kids. (I did forget to get one of just me and Ryan - SMH). 

Now we have tons of options to choose from that will look awesome in a collage.

Do you know what she is saying?
"I am so cute. I will never get into any real trouble if I just give them this grin."

My first baby. 

She is a total Daddy's girl. 

I could squeeze and kiss those cheeks all day long. 

My three perfect gifts. 

Just love them so!

Ryan took the bigs to school and Sarah and I hung out in Hearne for a while longer to get some more of Miss L. 

She thought the rocks were candy, so we had to take these pretty quickly!

No words. That tush. Those rolls. Outfit worn once. Worth it. 


We took some continuation pictures for Emmy's first year and they ended up being some of my favorite - just because I could visually see her growth and change. So I wanted to do some with Landry, too. 

Here is a shot of her in a basket that sits in her room.
Top pic is Landry at 10 days old; bottom at 6 months. 

Left: 1 month; Right: 6 months

Then we headed back to our house to let Landry eat and nap and ended with a few Princess and the Pea shots (can you guess a birthday theme?)

And some more just to capture her cuteness at this stage. I LOVE the sitting but can't move stage. 

Lillian Landry King
Class of 2034

AND... fun news...Sarah just got ENGAGED

She has captured the stories of so many people - using her talents to capture their happily every afters. I wish you the best of wishes, friend...as your happily ever after begins! 

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  1. As always sooooo adorable! I love watching your precious little family grow!
    ps. caldwell has some AWESOME walls too!