For better or worse...

Ryan and I took a little road trip this weekend to celebrate the marriage of one of my most favorite friends of all time. Gigi and Pops drove to College Station to watch the kiddos so we got to spend 8 hours in the car this weekend to talk, laugh, sing crazy songs and make life plans. Weddings always make me reflect more on our marriage so I am thankful for this time with just him. 

Ryan wouldn't "let" me bring a camera in for the ceremony so I only had my phone. The lighting of the unity candle is one of my favorite parts of any ceremony because of the literal representation of "two become one". They  chose "The Servant Song" to be played during this part of the ceremony - so perfect!

I don't know if I have cried this much at a wedding ceremony - such a blessing to see her prayers being answered in finding Kyle. No one is more deserving of happiness than she!

The reception was "so Vanessa"...how would I describe her?

Never-ending support
Serving Him
Simple joys

Loved this "table for two"!

I caught this sweet moment as they were about to be formally introduced as Mr. and Mrs. She gives so much of herself to others. She sent me a text after the ceremony to tell me how thankful she was that Ryan and I were there to support her. She wanted to let me know what a blessing we are to her and how grateful she is for our friendship. She is ALWAYS thinking of others. 

I have admired and loved her love of God since I have known her. She sets such a great example for me to be a good Christian and Catholic woman. I look to her in my walk with him so many times. I know that I can call, text, email and she just let's me "show up" with no judgment. She has prayed for me and Ryan since 1999 and I promise to do the same for her and Kyle. 

I tried to capture this picture too quickly, but in true Aggie style, they were greeted with "12th Man" waves of napkins by guests. 

She was just beaming and Kyle is so gentle and loving to her.

And I was so happy to be reminded of the sacrament of marriage with my other half. Just what my heart needed to spend uninterrupted time with him.

My sweet Ness...how I am so honored to have shared in this day with you!

Vanessa is loved by so many people and it's easy to see why. Carrie is one of Vanessa's first students and she now works with me at A&M. I know that Vanessa serves as her mentor just like she does to so many others. 

We ate, we danced and we obviously "Sawed 'Em Off"... 


And perhaps enjoyed the open bar. 

And the photo booth.
(Not sure why, but this is my {gansta} face. It needs work or I need help.)

Before we knew it the time had passed and it was time to bid the happy couple adieu. 

Here is to you, friend. 

To love.
To laughter.
To your happily ever after.
Live fearlessly.
Pray always.
Love without ceasing. 
Carry each other in your prayers.
Let his dreams become yours.
Don't be afraid to fight sometimes.
Seek Him first.
Remember this day always.
Remind yourself why you said "yes".
Let him to lead even if you don't want to follow.
And no that you have an army of support around you always. 

Love you, friend!!! 

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