A Roll Acosta Gender Reveal...


I'm Katy.

I like to plan things.

And not just life - but FUN things.

Like photo shoots and parties and gatherings.

This is my friend Cindy

She's a planner like me.

We also dream a lot about what it would be like to make all that "nonsense" our real life and we got to test that dream out last week when we convinced my friend Amber to let us throw her a gender reveal!!!

Amber's blog them is "the Roll- Acosta Life" so we went with a carnival theme and it turned out just lovely. We got the envelope in our hands on Tuesday afternoon and had to keep the secret until Friday evening - so glad that Amber and I didn't see each other on Thursday or Friday!!

Cindy and I had a blast pulling everything together - We used navy and hot pink as the main two colors and used pops of yellow to add some fun. Guests were able to make their guesses at a photo booth, by pinning their vote "under the big top", with jelly beans and even with the straw they used for their drink. 

Amber's mom is a fantastic cook so they made all the food and we just provided all the serving platters so the colors remained neutral and the focus could be on the decorations surrounding the table. Amber and Julian have a great open floor plan which made it easy for guests to mingle and chat before the big reveal!

The photo booth is always a big hit and a fairly inexpensive way to add fun to any event! Everyone had their guesses and it looks like most people were choosing a boy to join big sister Jillian... 

And they were right!!!

Baby BOY Acosta coming August 2013!!!

This series of pictures make me tear up - what a beautiful moment to capture.  

Everyone of course had hugs and well wishes to share - even Julian's parents that we face-timed for the big moment!

Probably one of the most fun parties I had the pleasure of planning - we of course had to document the moment where we could look at each other and say "WE DID IT!!" 

(I see a few more of these "success selfies" in our future!)

 Thanks to Julian, Amber and Jillian for letting us be part of your special moment!!


  1. You girls did an AWESOME job! Maybe I should. Hire you to help plan K and C's combined party?!?!

    1. We would LOVE it.... email me and we can start brainstorming!!

  2. You are so creative! So impressed Katy (I still want to be you when I grow up, and I dont think I will ever change my mind! :) )