Tiny Tales Thursday...

In yesterday's post I mentioned that we drove out to the ranch of our new friends. The ride took about 25 minutes from our house. Along the way we passed lots of homes on around 10 acres. Ryan and I were talking about how it may be fun to one day live "out in the country"...

Me: Wouldn't this be fun, kids? What if we lived out here?
Emmy: ::sweetly ignoring us while singing a song::
Me: Rad, what do you think? You want to live out on a ranch?
Rad: Hmmmm. No.
Me: Really? Why not?
Rad: Well, I mean.... look at all those animals, Mommy. That seems like a lot of work. You have to feed them and take care of them and stuff.
Me: That's true - but wouldn't it be fun to have all that land?
Rad: Maybe. I mean we could build a soccer field and play golf.

And Ryan King has never been more proud.

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