Birthday blues...

Sweet Landry's birthday was clearly not going to go as planned (but when does life ever go as planned?) Instead of waking up to balloons, she was greeted with a breathing treatment.  She hated it less in the morning than she did the night before, but she still didn't love it. 

Miss L was {mostly} all smiles throughout the day but definitely not her usual perky self. She woke up at 5:30 because she was so congested so she got a bit grumpy early in the day and went down for a nap that morning - which was great since I still had to pick up birthday cakes!


That meant Ryan and the bigs could get some stuff done around the house. Since the party was moved to Sunday that gave us all extra time to get the yard ready for our guests, which included Radley and Emmy washing the jeep.

Have you ever seen something shine so brightly?

We got to spend the afternoon with the Browns who came to celebrate Landry on Saturday since they couldn't make the rescheduled time on Sunday. 

John turned one  in January and he was SMITTEN with Landry. Seriously smitten. He kept walking up to her and smiling and giving her this "hey good looking" glance. 

Carolyn made sure that Landry had cake on her birthday and surprised us with cupcakes - Landry was pretty excited about her birthday candle (that was ours growing up). 

These two were just excited to hang out together all afternoon. Long lost cousins - still freaks me out how similar they look. Will was teaching Radley all about dinosaurs, Radley gave him some tips on the stars and planets and they equally shared their love for all things Star Wars. 

Both were sad when the day ended. 

This was right before Landry was done for the day. She had refused her normal nap time and for the first time that I can remember we finally had to put her down and let her cry. Which lasted all of 2 minutes before she was out. 

Two and a half hours later she was ready to party. 
(And for those wondering she napped from 2-4:30 which was her original party time, so I am so glad that we rescheduled.)

We were so glad to have gotten to visit and just so lucky to have the kind of friends that help us make L's day so special. 

After some quick cleaning up and outfit changes we were ready for dinner out to celebrate...

But not before the kids gave L her presents. Emmy got her matching dresses... 

Mommmy and Daddy got her a nap mat for school... 

And Radley got her some sweet new pjs since she was worn a hole in the toe of all of hers. 

Then we headed to eat where Tia stopped by for a quick visit since she was going to be out of town for the party. (Landry - when you are 12 years old and reading this, know how loved you are that people went out of their way to celebrate you!)

I thought it would be fun to go to a hibachi grill since it is delicious, loud and serves as entertainment for everyone. Radley LOVED it. He was bummed that we only let him eat one sushi roll and requested our chef to light the grill on fire more than once. 

Emmy did not love it and insisted that Pops hold her until all the cooking was done - including the tables around us. He's a sucker for petite brunettes.

The entire day was unplanned and not at all what I had pictured for Landry's first birthday - but it ended up being better than I could have dreamed. We got to have her all to ourselves and spend time with close friends that we go far too long without seeing. We celebrated what a precious part of our family she is and we surrounded her in love all day. 

It couldn't have been a better day if I had planned it myself.

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