Spring Breakers (cont)...

Since it was daylight savings we thought that Sunday morning would come early..but everyone slept until 8:15!! Score! Landry woke up to eat at her usual 6 but went right back to sleep and we all stay snuggled up in our cozy goodness. 

When I walked into the kitchen I saw MaMaw showing Radley her mad puzzle skills. I wonder how many puzzle pieces that countertop has seen. At one point they were getting near the end and MaMaw was just trying piece by piece until one fit - Radley didn't understand that she was doing this on purpose and he reached over and patted her on the arm and sweetly told her, "it's ok, MaMaw...you'll find it."

We headed outside to play for a little while and explore all the bugs and plants in MaMaw's yard - this included clover picking, ant finding, stick selecting, and leaf measuring. Miss L got to experience the right of passage of climbing MaMaw and PaPaw's magnolia tree. It's so funny how fearless I was as a child and now you'd pretty much have to force me to go all the way to the top. (Mainly because the branches are rotting away slowly and the coming down part is a little scarier now that I know what would happen if I fell.)

Did I mention that I would take a truck load of soil home with me if I could? The azaleas are beautiful right now and I am so sad that I could never grow them in College Station.

Happy kids.

Pops, Ryan and Landry headed home after lunch and Gigi and I took the big kids on one final adventure - we had to get rid of the bread at MaMaws since she will be in Texas for the next two weeks and what better way to do that than feed the ducks?

Radley made a game of jumping on the cypress knots...

and Emmy used the "one for you, two for me" method of feeding the ducks.

We walked down to a pier and Radley saw two older kids using branches to measure the depth of the water, which clearly meant he had to try, too.

Which then clearly meant that so did she.

It was a perfect weather kind of afternoon that we didn't want to end.

Emmy has really gotten so "old" lately - a faint reminder that she will be 3 all too soon.

We let them play in the sand bank before we loaded up and made our way to lunch and then Texas. Emmy found all sorts of "treasure" that was going to give me a heart attack.

Radley on the other hand, just wanted to make sand angels. 

(I just wanted a towel, a Sonic drink, a People magazine, and some suntan oil).

A quick trip to start off our Spring Break was just what we all needed. It had been far too long since we had been to BR just for fun - already counting down the days to head back!

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