It's your party... be sick if you want to....

It was FINALLY party day and after 7 breathing treaments and 3 days of antibiotics,  Miss Landry was ready to celebrate!!! 

I am so glad that we decided to wait the extra 24 hours because she was in the best mood
(and overnight began to look like a little girl). 

Radley and Emersyn were also ready for the guests to arrive, but they know that the drill around here is to get all the pictures done first....

I just need to pinch myself, surely am I dreaming, right? How did we get so lucky to have these 3 precious kiddos??

We 5 Kings... 

Miss Jessica made a special trip to wish Landry a happy birthday!

MaMaw was there too of course...

And Gigi and Pops
(this is my dad trying to make me happy with a "real" smile. Sarcasm looks good on him don't ya think?)

Uncle Pete...

And then we were ready to party.
I can't even stand it.

Each of the kids have gotten an outside toy for their first birthday.
Radley - the swing set
Emmy - sand box
Landry - this adorable teeter totter 

She was clearly impressed.

Once the guests arrived I made sure to get a pic of each of the kiddos on the princess mattresses...

Up first, 

The Princess herself

the King Kiddies...

Jillian (and soon to be big sister!!)

The HMMs...Annaliese, Millicent and Caroline

Sweet Mason (and lifetime bestie of mine, Lyndee)...

Karli (Cooper didn't want anything to do with pics)

Kayla (little brother Kyle was already napping)

And Jackson and Jenna (Jackson was also not feeling the mattresses)...

Once all that was out of the way (Ha!) it was time for some fun and passing of the party girl - KK was sure to get in some snuggles.

And of course Miss Shanon...

And Caro had lots of kisses to share!
(Is this not the sweetest - I was walking in from the backyard and she was just giving her kisses)

Gigi was trying her hardest to share with everyone but she eventually had to steal Landry back for awhile. 

And Emmy made sure to keep watch over everyone.

I was so worried about having a March birthday party since the Texas weather is so unpredictable, but it turned out to be a perfect Texas spring day and everyone had the best time. The backyard was filled with laughter and giggles for two hours (with only 2 cries in between). I think the kids and grown ups all had a great time and before long it was time for a group pic and to head inside for some cake and presents!!!

(Josh and Ryan - can you now admit that buying these benches and hauling them in the UPS truck was totally worth it! Great find, Cindy!)

Delaney, Justus, Jackson, Caroline, Millicent, Annaliese, Emmy (not amused), Landry, Radley, Kayla, Kailyn (who managed to avoid the mattresses), Mason, Jillian (not amused), Karli and Cooper (not amused and not leaving his momma). 


Our sweet baby girl... 

She was ready for her cake!!!

I held it together enough to blow out the candles but I definitely shed some tears - this year has absolutely FLOWN by. What a blessed God has given us in our children and I hate that time moves so quickly - my wish that each year slowed down a bit.

And then she dug in....

She was kind enough to share with me...

And like the Energizer Bunny kept going and going and going until this happened....

We gave her a quick scrub down...

And then she was ready to dig in to her presents!

With a little "help" from her big sister of course.

Too quickly the time had gone by and it was time to say goodbye to everyone that completely rearranged their schedules to celebrate with us!

Kelly and Stu 
(Landry's Godparents)

The Gallars...

And the Kents all had to drive back to home.

It was a perfect day and great celebration of our Lovely Landry! 

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