InstaKings (Spring Break edition)...

I kinda feel like I'm repeating myself, but I want to keep these pics so thereyougo.

Day one was spent making the yard pretty. I had the sweetest little helper.

We spent the next day building forts trying to avoid any real sickness for Miss L.

It also included the 1067 time that Emersyn watched a slide show of our pictures on my computer. She could do this all day long.

We did venture out to try a picnic lunch on the trampoline.

Two things:
1. This was much more fun in my head than in reality. When someone moves  - the food moves. 
2. When Emmy has to use the restroom - what do I do with L? 

Good thing Uncle Pete came by for a visit so he helped.

Holy cow - she is cute and not just because she's my baby. 

We ended the perfect Texas day dining al fresco.

See that sunlight? God made it extra special for and sent it right down to us.

Grub worm hunting. In undies.
Yes - we are a little "WT".

We tried to spot the comet that was apparently visible last week.
We missed it.

But we did see a shooting star and Jupiter (and lots and lots of airplanes). 

Emmy loves calling people on the phone. This particular day she was kicking it old school.

She's 3 months away from 3.
And this happened.

That's just crazy cakes.

They got to skip naps on Friday since Karli and Cooper were visiting - 2 minutes after they left they were out cold. 

I love our neighborhood walks.

I do not love seeing my baby sick. Birthday eve breathing treatment.

Emmy decided that Violet was sick on Saturday and gave her a breathing treatment too.

Lots of sleep and cuddles for this wee one over the past week.

And she was all smiles on her birthday!

And that's our spring break in an instant!

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