Happy Monthday (birthday edition)...


you are


What have you been up to lately?

Holy cow have big changes happened. 

Over the break you REFUSED bottles. RE-FUSED. You also aren't big fan of a sippy cup which makes keeping you hydrated a little difficult. Luckily you such down your baby food pouches in about 3 seconds so you were getting some water from all that fruit. You still nurse in the morning and at night but I see that ending soon, too. 

Simply put...you love food and you want the good stuff. 

You are still rocking a size 3 diaper, 6-12 month clothes and size 2 shoe. You move up to your new class next week where shoes are required (bummer, I love a bare footed baby). Your hair has grown like crazy this month. It is super long and extra thick - you sport piggies often. 

Your official well-check is next month, but I predict you weigh about 19 pounds and are roughly 29 inches head to toe. 

You still love a long nap on the weekend and enjoy the days you get to sleep in - you would sleep until 8 or 9 every day if we let you. Your squeals have gotten louder and your mannerisms bigger. You love nodding yes but you also aren't afraid to let us know when you don't like something. 

Everyone loves to give us compliments on what a sweet baby you are - and it's true. We hit the jackpot with all three of our kiddos, but you definitely take the cake as far as happy babies go. I can probably count the number of "bad days" you have had on one hand and those are usually when you are sick. And even those days you were easily consolable by being held. 

You have discovered that you can make Radley and Emmy laugh as easily as they can make you laugh. You are right under foot of whatever they are doing and are very sneaky. Radley's cars can end up in our room faster than we can notice they are missing and Emmy's closet is a favorite spot for you to read books. 

Your siblings ADORE you. Both of them always want to hug you and kiss you and are just so patient with you (wish they would act like that toward's each other). I think they both get that you are the "baby" of the family. I am so excited for this next phase of you being able to romp and stomp with them. 

You love the following: 

The kitchen in Emmy's room
My hair (ugh)
Your green taggie
Pushing the lady bug
Rocking pig tails
Being cute


You walked from your room to the kitchen holding my fingers! Big progress - maybe by the end of this month you will take some steps on your own. 

You also said "bye" to Gigi and Pops yesterday. Clear.As.Day.


Sweet Landry, you have filled this past year of our lives with such joy. 
We LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE you LOVELY Landry and are thankful for you each day. 

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