Spring breakers (pt 3)...

To catch you up - we spent the first weekend of Spring Break in Louisiana. The kids had school Monday and Tuesday, so I took advantage of that by staying home and getting party stuff ready since I knew I'd be surrounded by 3 wee ones for the rest of the week. (So glad I did because of what was to come)

Wednesday morning was spent running errands, enjoying the spring sunshine and beautifying our back yard. 

Landry had a horribly runny nose but was in good spirits so I didn't think much of it as we played in the yard and enjoyed the day.

The kids and I had a great afternoon until around 5pm where I did not have my most proud mommy moment of my life. I will spare you the details but will say that I had to mop the floor later due to the loss of a bowl of mac and cheese. 

I will also say that I was happy for bedtime. 

Thursday morning arrived and we were once again in good spirits - even Landry since she slept until 10am! By the time she woke up she was coughing up a storm and had a 100.4. I kept hoping that it was just allergies and that she would get over it since her birthday was coming up. 

That did mean a day of fort building indoors but these two didn't seem to mind.

And besides not wanting her nose wiped, Landry was still pretty content.
Until post nap when I woke her up with a 104. 

Immediate call to the docs office (where some crazy nurse informed me that I didn't need to make an appointment until she had been running a 104 for TWO days. Ummm. No. I'll take the next opening, pleaseandthankyou.) Sadly the next appointment wasn't until FRIDAY at 2:30pm since most of the doctors were on Spring Break as well. 


Luckily she is the world's easiest baby and besided REFUSING a bottle/sippy cup was still her normal self. 

We put her on a Tylenol/Motrin regime and even ate outside in the cool breeze.

Homemade pizza night is always a favorite around here.


You don't follow up a tasty dinner by taking off your shorts and going hunting for grub worms?


Friday morning rolled around and Miss L was still sick. At this point I started texting everyone that was coming to her party to see if they would still be able to make it if we HAD to change it to 3pm on Sunday. Luckily we have the world's greatest group of family and friends that are like family and almost everyone could make it!

Friday afternoon we got to play with Karli and Cooper ...

Radley even let Karli drive. Good man, Radley King, good man.

I think I've said it a million times, but so glad that my babies are the same age as my besties babies.

The day included lots of jumping on the trampoline.
(I know it's out of focus, but how cute is she?)

Cooper then took Emmy for a ride in the jeep.

This whole time Ryan was at the doctor with Landry. Two hours later he returned.
Bronchitis and double ear infection.

The party was definitely being moved to Sunday.
And don't let this picture fool you - it was taken before we turned the machine on. 
She hated it - which was good because apparently all the screaming and crying she did helps her get more of the medicine.

Poor Emersyn was so upset that when we were done, she immediately asked to hold Landry. 

So we've had an interesting few days, but are super excited about celebrating the birthday of our Lovely Landry!

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