So yesterday was my birthday - and, well I LOVE my birthday. 

I'll admit, 34 was a little hard. For some reason it just sounds "old"... like mid 30s old. I know I'm weird, but it scares me a little. Really just scares me in the kind of way that you want to make sure you have given everything you have to something important (you know, like your life). 

And, if I had ever doubted I was loved - I was proven wrong yesterday! I was greeted with the most lovely version of "Happy Birthday" around 6:15am by these cuties and to warm plate of perfect pancakes and cheesy eggs. (Miss L was enjoying her last minute ZZZs). 

Then Ryan made sure that I got to get ready for the day with UNinterrupted bathroom time! 
I know, right? Who would have guessed that would be so awesome?

Then it was off to work where my first meeting included these adorable group of students complete with more breakfast goodies and the most perfect card ever!

(I advise a group called "FISH" and the card said "sending you birthday FISHES this year!") 

The rest of the day consisted of reading all 200 of my FB birthday wishes (I heart social media), a surprise party in a weekly meeting for me and a colleague who celebrates her birthday today...

lunch with some of my favorite friends
(and yes, it was all guys - typical, Katy)
(in my defense, my work GFs couldn't make it)

Late afternoon I received this text... 

Which had me excited and nervous. His response was a "cocktail dress" - which again is fun...unless I didn't have one that I felt comfortable/looked good (as in 24 and not 34) in. 

But guess what - I found an old dress that fit for the first time in 2 years... which is better than new!

And we were off! We dropped the kids off at the Munsons and headed out for drinks, just us two. 
This may become a monthly date. Just us, wine, baristas and laughs!

The surprises continued when we pulled up to my favorite restaurant. Ryan did so good at keeping everything a surprise and even had the host in when he commented "table for 2, Mr. King?"

(I clearly knew there was more than 2 people since the babysitter was at the Munsons when we arrived - but I played along).

But I didn't expect this... 

Some of the best friends a girl could ask for!

And yes, I ate every.single.bite.

(plus dessert)

 It was a great day and night filled with all my favorite things:

family, friends and food!

34 is going to be a great year!

Thanks, babe, for making sure it started off more perfect than I could imagine and more wonderful than I deserve!

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  1. so fun! glad you had such a wonderful day :) XOXO