Freezing fun...

(First let me apologize to my momma for my lack of blogging this week. It's been crazy but her persistent "I need a blog" texts have won. Thank you, loyal reader, Momma for caring). 


Now for our regularly scheduled blog post.

Once every year it gets cold in Texas. Really cold. And that day was last Saturday - just in time for Radley's soccer game. Holy guacamole Batman, we were chilly! 

(I also know that there are some of you that laugh at this since you have been in FEET of snow this year, but hey - it's Texas...the place where everything is bigger... including the exaggerated stories about our weather). 

Landry actually loves the cold weather. She kicks off her socks and shoes - probably because it's funny to watch silly Mommy put them back on. Over and over again. She squeals in delight at the wind. 

Emmy and Gigi?


Don't let Gigi's smile fool you here, they were not loving it. 

The kids didn't seem to mind it though. The temperature wasn't really that cold - it was this horrible bone chilling wind that made it bad. Radley tried to play without his "gloves" ie. extra pair of socks on his hands but didn't make it 4 minutes before running to the side and asking me to put them back on. 

When it was time for him and Ashtyn to let other friends play they headed to us and sat under the snuggie. It was pretty darn adorable. 

He still managed to play and have fun! Their team is really starting to click - passing the ball, "seeing" the field - makes me excited and nervous all at the same time! 

After the game we all went out to lunch and then headed home to give Gigi her {belated} birthday gift. I think she liked it a lot. 

We all love you BUNCHES, Gigi!!

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  1. you found the dress!!!! :) addie wore her gray one today!

    bone-chilling wind...in texas....hmmmm....60 degrees???