Let me try to summarize...

 Our Easter weekend began on Friday with a special visit from three of the cutest guys I know... Carter, Colton and Caleb  came to visit for a photoshoot with the greatest photographer I know and while Sarah was creating magic, I was getting to snuggle with triple the cuteness!

All that cuteness must have been exhausting for Landry because she just fell asleep in the floor - mid crawl. We had the best day and I am dying to see all the images that Sarah captured!

Saturday began with a pajama party in the park to celebrate the fifth birthday for Miss Caroline. Once again Cindy hosted a great party that everyone LOVED! From the donut cakes ...

to the pillow case races...

to the mandate of pjs...

and egg races...

it was clear that everyone was having a ball - especially the birthday girl!

(Emmy and Anna decided to sit out the egg races)

And if Landry ever learns how to use her legs, she may get to join in the fun, too!

After allt he Happy birthday celebrations, we loaded the kids up inthe car and headed to Gigi and Pops' for Easter weekend. We were of course greeted with hugs and kisses and...

150 stuffed plastic eggs waiting to be discovered. 

Radley kept bringing all the pink eggs to Emmy.

He could seriously hide and find eggs all.day.long.

And she could eat all the chocolate inside.

And she could just sit there and be cute.

We had a great afternoon just being outside, playing in pjs, and surrounded by family.

After some convincing - we got everyone inside to begin the time honored tradition of egg dying. Same coffee mugs, same kitchen table, same loved aprons, and even the same egg "holders" (bc Gigi doesn't throw anything away).

The only thing that has actually changed is that we are now the adults and Ryan is the one picking on me instead of Jeremy and Jody. 

(I think I gave him the same look they once received)


(ps. let's not discuss my hair....mmkay?)

The kids loved this of course - each wanting  a specific color for their very own eggs.

Radley likes to try new designs but isn't very good at the patiently waiting part.

Landry just liked the show while eating her snacks.

She did get to dye her first egg - if by "dye" you mean dropping an egg into a coffee mug of green vinegar and water. 

These two were just mesmerized by the whole process and couldn't wait to see what the eggs would turn out like.

I'd say they turned out perfectly!

(and that was the longest, most random summary of all time)

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