And once again here is our week from my phone...

Ryan and Pops were thrilled to help with the finishing touches for the party last week. It was the only thing that I couldn't set up early because of the small hands that would no doubt pull them down! They were actually pretty particular about where and how they hung - always makes me smile when the boys are more anal than the girls.

It was finally party day and we were soooo excited!!
(and I did have a pic of the big food table - just not set up. Good - we may all now rest easy).

Yes. I am still obsessed with this cake.

And this adorable ONE year old!!

Who was also obsessed with the cake.

We survived our last first birthday party - this calls for drinks!

We also celebrated 7 years of marriage. 
7 years of work, laughter, tears, celebrations, and beautiful memories.
7 is the copper anniversary so he got a jar full of pennies - 365 to be exact.
One for each day of the year that I love him.

Yeah - this happened.
The question is how?!?!

Emmy woke up with a fever on Wednesday which earned her a trip to the doctor's office.
This is how thrilled she was...

I hate when the kids are sick, but I do love the extra snuggles.

I can't even name all the things I love about this.
But I will start with the size of her head, those two bottom teeth and my affinity for glasses.

Cindy and I had the honor of planning a gender reveal party for a friend of mine.
We are potentially looking into a small little business on the side (because we clearly have time for that) so this was our first run.

(More on that later)

The proud to parents to be of a precious baby....


And that's us in an instant!


  1. Where can I find those giant spiraly streamers? Hosting a baby shower in April - they would be perfect!

    1. Hey Stephanie - aren't they fun??? Here is a link with the step by step. I just purchased the paper at papermart.com.