Birthday details....

So I am that crazy person that on the second whole day of my child's life, I had already planned her first birthday party. It's ok - you can judge. 

She was going to have a rainbow party because it fit perfectly with a March 16 birthday. I had the invitation all planned, what she would wear, the decorations, etc... but then this happened... 

And as we took these pics at each one of her photo shoots I was sweetly persuaded to rethink my plan and we had a Princess and the Pea themed birthday... 

And it may be my favorite party I have ever decorated for - just super precious and sweet. Nothing over the top. We used the colors of her room and had lots of the decorations already so we had the added bonus of this being low cost. It was also fun to see meaningful items come full circle in her "fairy tale". 

Like the wreath that hung on her hospital door - I added the crown ($3) and modge podged paper I had left over from the alphabet wall project and a burlap rose... 

This was the view when you walked in. I am obsessed with the giant streamers. Super easy and super cheap ($15) and a SUPER fun effect. 

The entrance table where we had everyone sign Landry's birthday book ($15 with shipping).
The pics and "L" are from her room. 
Candles are from our room.
Princess tile was part of Lola's Sid Dicken's collection. 

I love the idea of a birthday book - it's filled with her monthly pics plus a few other favorites from her first year and then each guest leaves a message. Just a fun keepsake to have. 

Two of my favorite pics - 
Our first pic with our baby girl; she was 20 minutes old
The pic from her birth announcement 

This was the favor table - we gave away green jelly beans (which are way more expensive than is necessary)  for the "peas". We (and by "we" I clearly mean - "I") borrowed this sweet bed from Sarah's photo prop collection and it was the perfect addition! 

And yes - that's an up-to-date baby book thankyouverymuch!

Landry's cake table!!!
My favorite part of the whole day - I just LOVED how it turned out!

The birthday banner was too easy - HobLob now sells PRE-CUT pennants ($3.99/9 pennants) and I got the scrapbook paper during the half off sale ($2 total) and just cut them out with my cricut. I purchased the two crowns ($3 each) and two aqua frames ($15) that I'll use in L's room. 

This L is part of her alphabet wall and we displayed each of her remaining "Princess and Pea" Pics on the table. 

And her cake.

I am obsessed. 


The crown is what she wore for her newborn shots.

The jewelry boxes were MaMaw's all filled with her costume jewelry that I played with growing up. 

(And this is when I realized I never took a pic of the whole food table. I know - your heart is broken). 

I moved the china cabinet to serve as a headboard and then draped varying colors of table cloths to look like mattresses. We served chicken salad, dips, crackers, fruit, and the most adorable green cake balls for "peas" all surrounding the big cake. I have an empty gold frame and just wrapped floral wire (that I have had since my wine glass decorating days in college - for those of you that got those as wedding gifts, I apologize) and then just taped some of our favorite pics of "MAK"/Landry from her first year. 

After all of that we were ready to celebrate.... 

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