Can you feel it...

...the excitement that comes when Mommy picks you up early for a random trip to the park? 
The love that is shared between siblings as that excitement grows when they see that "we get the park ALL to ourselves!!"

The wonder of a child as she discovers a new opportunity to explore?

Can you hear it?

The giggles that don't fade in the wind? 
The laughter that grows as the swing goes higher and higher with Mommy running in between and under trying to grab your feet? 

Can you sense it?

The pride in the big sister as the baby learns new skills? 
The love that only siblings can share? 

Can you see it?

The desire for her to be like him? Stopping every time he does to pick up a stick - her's just a little smaller. Step for step, climb for climb - she doing every thing that he does. 

Can you understand it?

The joy that a child feels when we stop our whole world to focus on theirs? What moments have I missed with my senseless distractions? What could possibly be more important than giggles and dirt? Sticks and tadpoles? Swings and slides? 

Nothing. Nothing is more important than these moments. Now or ten years from now - I hope that they always know that my world will stop on a dime for them. I hope they can ... 
feel my prayers... 
hear my words... 
sense my pride... 
see my love...
understand my joy in raising them....


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