Whirlwind Weekend...

This weekend has been a jam-packed whirlwind of fun.
Crazy, exhausting, wonderful fun!

We started out with goodbyes on Friday. Landry has officially moved up from the baby room and while we are excited about all the fun that "growing up" will bring, I am so sad that she isn't going to be loved on by Mrs. Pam and Ms. Mabel every day. 

 Friday night we got to say "hello" - well kind of. The Acosta's are awaiting the arrival of baby number 2 and Cindy and I got to plan the reveal - which will be getting an entire post of its on because it's just too good not to!

Cindy and I stayed up late on Thursday to put the final touches on everything and then we were up late again on Friday cleaning up. By the time I got home and settled I decided to sit down "for a minute" which meant I woke up on my bed with all the lights on at 3am. Ha! I decided to admit defeat and let myself stay asleep until 5:30.

Why were we up so early on a Saturday? Because we had two more parties to attend that morning! I got the kids ready and took the bigs with me to celebrate Will turning 5. He had a Star Wars party at a bouncehouse in The Woodlands and the kids LOVED it!

I brought their Halloween costumes just in case and Miss E decided that she wanted to be C3PO. 

Radley settled on his Darth Vader tee because he would get "too hot" dressed up.

It was a solid hour of laughter, squeals and light saber battles before heading the party room for lunch, cake and presents.

They weren't messing around with the cake!

Radley also had his first OVERNIGHT trip. He stayed with Will for the rest of the day and they had a BLAST. I can't wait to ready Carolyn's blog post. She sent us a video of them at dinner and I'm not sure how they managed to chew with all the laughter! 

After Will's party, Emmy and I loaded up and drove around Houston to meet Ryan and Landry at the Munson gender reveal. Stu and Kelly had already found out so they were revealing to all of us that they are having a ....


The kids had a fun time running around and kept giving us heart attacks by creeping closer and closer to the pool.

Ryan, the girls and I left around 2 and headed home. We started some laundry, vacuumed, cleaned and made dinner before heading over to the Munson's for our quarterly dinner party. 

This month's theme...

We shared lots of laughs with all that yummy food. So glad that I am following through with this resolution - these nights with friends are good for the soul.

Tasty. Fun. Tired.

And as much as I'm trying to figure out how to round out this post in style - that's all I got!


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