InstaKings (extended version)...

So I have some catch up to....

Soccer practice was FREEZING (like at most 40 degrees) the other night, but that didn't keep Landry from playing peek-a-boo.

Emmy was miserable but wanted to stay at watch "Ladley" play.

Emmy now gets her hair blown dry because it's so long and thick - something tells me she may be a little high maintenance.

Freezing temps. Fun game. FIVE goals.


I am on a committee that coordinates a leadership exchange between TAMU- College Station and TAMU- Qatar. The Qatari Aggies were here last week and got to take  tour of Kyle Field which included a visit to the Press Box. 

We heart Aggieland.

He may drive me crazy sometimes, but he sure does love me.

Soccer practice also means dinner in the parking lot.

We woke up to Emmy in our bed one morning. After I finished getting ready I woke her up and she saw my phone and said "take our pitcher, Mommy."

I don't sew. This is about 1/4 of my fabric stash.

I need help.

I did have a rather productive craft night though all in preparation for...

Miss L's one year photo shoot.

Don't worry - the quilt was pulled down for the real deal. 

From the top of the Louisiana state capitol.

When in Rome...

I really should have ordered the large Bloody Mary. And yes, those poached eggs are on top of crab cakes. 

MaMaws house always means a stroll down memory lane. She got out all sorts of our toys for the kids to play with and they were just in heaven.

 You know you're a grown up when it means spending Spring Break with your parents. Check out how stylish my Momma is. 

She was on her way to "Old MacDonalds" via "Chick A Lay".
On a horse.
In my boots.
In the room my mom grew up in.

March Madness for real.

We are almost ready for Landry's birthday party...

Hopefully she gets some pjs!

We are a lucky bunch to have these cutie leprechauns! 

And that's us in an instant!

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